Friday, January 15, 2021

Regroupement Mauricien de Toronto Incorpore

Bringing a little of Mauritius to Toronto
since 1988


Club M first started in September 1987 under the name ’Association of Mauritians of Scarborough’ as a group of friends getting together for sports and social activities on Friday evenings.

AMS was very successful in its first year and outgrew the expectations of those who started it. The participants were friends of those who were already involved. Soon, it became too big to be run solely by a group of volunteers without any directions and structure. It became apparent that the group should re-evaluate its objectives and organizational structure. Out of this reflection was born an Executive Committee for AMS in September 1988 consisting of the following members:

On 27 November 1988 the new Executive Committee of AMS, formally chose a new name for AMS. After several meetings and going over a dozen suggestions for a new name, it was finally decided and approved that the new name of AMS will be ’Club M’. By November 1990, a new set of constitutions and by-laws was drafted and Club M was officially incorporated in the Province of Ontario under the name ’Regroupement Mauricien de Toronto, Ontario Inc.’. But it is more commonly know as Club M
Club M has been carrying out recreational, social and other activities within the Toronto and surrounding areas since then.